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We recommend that you search with your part number and modelnumber. It is good if you search via your model number, but the most efficient is via both part number (board number)

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Return and shipping


As soon as you place your order, your package will be prepared for shipment after payment has been received. If you order before 12:00 noon, your package will be delivered within 2 working days (the Netherlands and Belgium)

Your track and trace information will be treated confidentially and forwarded to your e-mail address indicated on your order.

If you place an order and do not pay, your order will be automatically canceled after 4 days.


Our parts are provided with a break seal. If it is broken or removed, return will not be accepted.

Returns are only accepted after consultation.

We reserve the right to refuse parts of which the break seal placed by us has been broken and you have tried the part in a device. After all, right of return does not mean that you can simply order parts to be able to trace a fault in a defective device, we assume that your knowledge in the field of repair is sufficient to find out a fault yourself. If your knowledge is not sufficient, leave the repair to a professional, the haphazard replacement of parts can cause more or other defects.
We also refuse to return parts if it appears that changes have been made personally and / or the parts have suffered damage such as print cracks, parts of the PCBs have been removed and so on.

When returned after receipt, your purchase amount will be refunded to your account within 4 weeks. We make a one-off monthly joint payment.

The costs for returning parts are for the buyer himself.

In the unlikely event that a defective or inappropriate part has been ordered. Then you can (after first contacting us by email) it return the item in its original packaging. We will then send you a second board

If you have any questions or difficulties by placing your order, you can email me at so that you are informed in advance about the shipment and return.


1. Articles incorrectly ordered by the consumer do not have to be taken back unless otherwise agreed, only in case of a defect a refund will be made.

2. The seller does not have to take back electronics that have been destroyed by incompetence.

3. Upon return, it will be checked by means of DNA and / or marked breaking seal whether the item is the same as previously sent.

4. In case of any changes and / or willful damage, nothing will be refunded.

5. Al our parts are sold with 2 weeks (14 days) warranty

6. Force majeure due to the negligence of the postal deliverer / postal service cannot be settled on Replace4u




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